International Open Access Week (19-25 Oct 2020): Get involved!

Here’s a run-down on an amazing array of guest speakers and workshops around the country.


Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG) is running a series of events, including guest speakers and workshops, everyday of Open Access week in collaboration with staff from UNSW, QUT, AUT, LaTrobe and Flinders. Topics include: Preprint guide; open research practices; communicating a pandemic; indigenous voices, indigenous research and open access; beyond open access; copyright and licensing; Open Access and biodiversity knowledge; connecting up open data via Wikidata; Investing in the infrastructure for Open; and advocacy in pandemic. To register for their events, please visit:


Deakin University is running a series of webinars  for Deakin staff and researchers that are relevant to each of the four Faculties: Arts and Education, Business and Law, Health, and Science, Engineering and Built Environments. There are also sessions that are targeted for Deakin researchers that focus on Creative Commons and Open Publishing and Using Elements for free open access in DRO. If you are a Deakin staff member or a Deakin researcher and would like to register for any of these events, please click on the link on each of the events. For more information on Deakin University’s Open Access Week program, please visit:


LaTrobe University is holding events including hearing from speakers on open scholarship and knowledge translation; roundtable discussion on Open education publishing; talk by Reid Marginalia on Open Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum (GLAM) collections and possibilities at La Trobe and beyond; session on finding and citing public domain and OA material; and launch of the University’s new Open Access space, OPAL (Open@LaTrobe). To register:


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have been active in contributing to AOASG calendar of events. However, they have also organised a couple of events that are targeted at QUT students and staff only. The events include: talks by experts from around the University who will share their own experiences working with open datasets; and an Open Access theme to their regular weekly Hacky Hour. QUT is also developing an interactive map in lieu of their Open Access Week Bike Tour, which has been a big hit over the past couple of years, highlighting Open Access champions across the university. This map will be launched on Monday for Open Access Week.


RMIT University is holding events including webinars on raising awareness of OER textbooks and open licenses; Open educational publishing; and Open Access and Research at RMIT. To register:


USQ is holding events everyday of the Open Access Week which include: virtual book launch of new open texts; open manufacturing by Makerspace Coordinator Steph Piper; copyright and licensing webinar; and Open assessment webinar and Panel with academics on motivation and why open is important to them. For more information, please contact Nikki Andersen


Victoria University is running a series of talks over a couple of weeks. For more information, please contact Julie Gardner


After Open Access Week:

ASCILITE OEP SIG is putting on an event for World Access to Higher Education Day on 17 November, Locking Down, Opening Up: Prioritising Equitable Access and Success in a Time of Uncertainty. Further details can be found at Submission for the event close on 19 October.


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