Who writes this blog

Dr Sarah Lambert continues to add new posts and updates to this blog, after the completion of the 2020-201 Australian Open Textbook as Social Justice National research project which created it. While that most static pages on this website reflect information as at 2021, Sarah will from time to time add new related content that reflects the development and uptake of social justice purposes for Open Textbooks, OER and Open Education more generally.

Dr Sarah Lambert is an educator, researcher and advisor with a critical, social justice perspective. With 20 years experience in teaching, curriculum, technology, strategy and project management in Higher Education – she is currently focussed on Student Equity roles . Sarah submitted her PhD with Deakin University in 2019, on the use of free online technology to advance student equity and social inclusion. She maintains an interest in these issues through her teaching practice, and is currently teaching Masters of Education units related to the critical reading of education and technology issues. She also maintains a number of research and collaborative publishing projects, including follow up projects after leading a National research project into OER textbooks from an equity perspective.

Contact her on Twitter @SarahLambertOz

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